Rocky Men's TMC Postal Approved Black Duty Chukka Work Boots

Rocky Men's TMC Postal Approved Black Duty Chukka Work Boots
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Product Information

While you may have no control over the uniform that you wear daily for the post office, you do have some say about the footwear that you purchase (as long as it meets the requirements).This Rocky TMC Chukka Boot (style #0005005) is US Postal Approved, comfortable, and Berry Compliant (Made in the USA). TMC is an abbreviation for Technology Made Comfortable. With a name like that in the title, you can be assured that these Rocky TMC chukka boots will provide superior comfort. When you are on your feet all day; you are past the point of simply wanting comfortable shoes, you require them. Most individuals don't walk with their head facing down. When you are entrusted with so many packages and letters, it is imperative that you have complete trust in your footwear (like the #0005005). These Rocky TMC chukka boots are built to be slip-resistant and durable, they will allow you to get you through your day with ease, and help keep you on your feet. Can you pinpoint on a map where the factories are that produce most of your clothing and footwear? This particular TMC boot is made in Rocky's own factory. So you know exactly where your boot is coming from, and that it has been constructed from high-quality materials. The upper on this Rocky boot is constructed from full-grain leather. The leather is polishable, and water-resistant. So, no matter what the weather is like outside, your chukka boots will continue looking professional.