Product Information

  • Skin conditioner and super-moisturiser
  • Delicious scent of vanilla 
  • Softens and promotes skin elasticity by increasing its ability to hold moisture


Product Information

Royal Spa Smooth as Silk Hydrating Lotion SPECIAL (EXP 31/10/15)

Product Brochure

Royal Spa Smooth as Silk Hydrating Lotion is a skin conditioner and super-moisturiser, accented with the delicious scent of vanilla. This product earned its name from the results it gives. A wonderful combination of herbal blends and state-of-the-art ingredients, Smooth as Silk soothes, softens and promotes skin elasticity by increasing its ability to hold moisture.


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on 11/12/2015

So I went to be finger printed today for a job and had 3 good prints and 7 were rejected. The woman who was doing the prints said that wasn't unusual as women have dry hands this time of year and that makes for lousy prints. She had me put some lotion on and it didn't do any good. I put some of my Royal Spa "Smooth and Silk Hydrating Lotion" and low and behold she got two more good prints right away. I then put it on a second time and we ended up with 7 good prints and only 3 were rejected. She said, "I don't know what you used but I have never seen so many prints improve after so many being rejected!"

Nice and cost effective.

on 08/21/2015

A little goes a long way. Seems to last forever. Very light, nice smell, but not terribly fragrant (which I prefer).

on 05/22/2012

I use this product everyday after I shower & it keeps my whole body smooth for hourss. I love it ! The best thing is that I don't even have to use a lot of it to be completely moisturized, so 16 fl oz. lasts pretty long and that saves me quite a lot of money. With other lotions I have to keep reapplying & I'll be half-way through the bottle within two weeks but with royal spa's smooth as silk hydrating lotion I don't have to buy another bottle for 2 months. & it also smells good. I'm completely satisfied with that (:

Shop Consultant

on 02/13/2012

Best in skin care. I reccomment to all.

Shop Consultant

on 12/05/2011

Living in Hawaii I am at the beach all the time. And after a day in the sun and after taking a shower Royal Spa lotion feels great and isn't oily.