SCK510 SubCast Wireless Transmitter/Receiver System for Subwoofers

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Product Information

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SCK510 SubCast Wireless Transmitter/Receiver System for Subwoofers

SCK510 SubCast Wireless Transmitter/Receiver System for Subwoofers Subwoofer placement anywhere in the room for deep, ground-shaking bass with no worries about the wiring! Finding a perfect spot to place or conceal a subwoofer, another amp/receiver or powered speaker system can be challenging when it comes to wiring.   SubCast solves that dilemma as it converts any self-powered subwoofer to wireless. Now it is trouble-free and affordable to place the sub anywhere in the room and easily move it when the room décor or furnishings change. Set-up could not be easier! – Simply plugging the pre-out or sub-outputs into the SubCast transmitter input and then plug the receiver module into a subwoofer input, amp, receiver or powered speakers - and power it up! It’s subwoofer bass magic with SubCast!   SCK510 Highlights: SubCast is a long-range, interference-free wireless transmission system that broadcasts LFE (low frequency effects) and full-range audio signals Extremely flexible - switch for in-room application or switch to longer expansion to another area of the house/building No programming, no assigning IP addresses - plug and play Works with any brand of powered subwoofer or speaker   SCK510 Features: Transmitter/receiver pair will transmit 20-20kHz and supports full range audio, not just low frequency effects Internal antennas to broadcast Low Frequency Effects (LFE) or full-range signal from a home theater receiver or any source with audio outputs USB connection works with all the major media players including iTunes, RealPlayer, MusicMatch, Windows and internet radio stations Latency adjustment at 16Ms for in-room subwoofer and to 64Ms for longer range audio applications Interference-Free 2.4 GHz wireless system – transparent to microwave ovens, cordless phones, most routers and other wireless devices Transmits long-range signals 50-to-300 feet through walls, doors, ceilings and even outdoors Plug & Play - requires NO drivers or software to instal

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