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Product Information

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Jerome Privee's Moisturizing Body Lotion was created
just for you. Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe to help restore and protect your skin with a moisture-Rich, Luxurious Blend. Smooth on generously from shoulders to toes at least once each day.

Not tested on animals.

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on 02/28/2011

Horrible chemical ridden product

on 02/11/2011

I was in Perfumania and I don't know whay possesed me to buy this horrible lotion. I guess because the woman behind the counter recommended it. I usually buy only organic, natural products. When I got home I put some on my hands and my hand started to burn. I read the ingredients and was shocked at the list of ingredients that are in this product. Yes Aloe is a natural productas well as vitamin E, however it is rendered useless because of all the #### that is in the lotion. It is burned out. I couldn't believe when I read that sodium hydroxide was in the product! Hello! That is lye people. and propylene glycol, which is toxic anti freeze. as well as propylparaben. These are ALL serious toxins,all carcinogens. There is nothing natural about this lotion. You have to read labels people. Educate yourselves on the chemicals you are putting into your body. Your body is a sponge and absorbs everything that goes into it. This is why people get cancer. This #### went into the garbage!! Not good for anyon

Miracle Cream For me and family

on 10/14/2009

I battled with dry skin for 22 years until three days ago I visited the walden galleria in buffalo new york and stumbled upon this cream on sale for two for 14 dollars.I tried it and instanly I experienced a silky and moisterizing effect of this cream.I could not believe it.thanks for this gift and I hope to work with your staff with new ideas i have had for years to contribute to this company to help those suffering with dry skin and to be an exclusive distrubutor to African continent where its dry and humid.Hope to hear from some one soon.Thanks a million.I have applied the cream to my cracked heel as well and expecting some great results too.I am a testimony to this product.I bought the moisturizing body lotion enriched with aloe vera,vitamin E and collagen.(34fl.).Its great.All my kids use it as well as well as my Daughter who has had issues with enzyema.