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Send a Miracle by Voices of Glory - Single Album

With Send a Miracle, the three siblings of The Voices of Glory continue in America's great a capella traditions. Avery, Nadia and Michael II have risen quickly to a level where only true vocal talent resides. Like the inspiring sources that influence this talented trio, the power of positive music lifts the listener and reflects a deep well of diverse musical influences. From Nat King Cole to Kirk Franklin... from the Bee Gees to Broadway - the Voices of Glory shine through today's manufactured pop music with clarity and a true sence of purpose. Inspiring all who have come to to learn of the dramatic journey endured by the Cole Family, Voices of Glory has much to sing about and they lift all who come into their angelic presence.

"Avery, 17, Nadia, 13, and Michael II, 21, break through with this new release featuring hit singles "Ayo", "Soon We'll Be Going Home", and several perennial favorites, including "How Great Thou Art" and the new standard "Send a Miracle." The Voices of Glory have traveled the globe since shooting to the top five in NBC's "America's Got Talent," and this new release allows fans of all ages to enjoy thier vocal graces as never before"

~Trace Thomas - Rolling Stone / Sony Records / Masterlab




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on 08/19/2013

They really deliver! The name of the group says it all. Great stuff!