Seventh Generation Training Pants, Free & Clear, 2T-3T (up to 34 lbs.) 25 diapers

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Seventh Generation Training Pants, Free & Clear, 2T-3T (up to 34 lbs.) 25 diapers

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Seventh Generation Training Pants Potty training is a big step for your little one. Free & Clear Training pants keep those little oopsies from becoming big deals while your toddler learns to take control. Designed to be kind to little bottoms with no...
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Seventh Generation Training Pants, Free & Clear, 2T-3T (up to 34 lbs.) 25 diapers

Your baby is growing up fast and you know what that means—time to graduate from our Chlorine-Free Diapers to our Chlorine-Free Training Pants. Offering the same soft, cloth-like comfort and excellent performance of our diapers, while also featuring inner leak barriers for superior leakage protection and stretchy side panels for better fit. Directions

Disposing of Disposables: When you're throwing away used training pants, empty the waste into the toilet, wrap the training pants tightly, and throw it away. Keeping human waste out of the landfill is safer for all of us.


We care about your baby's safety, and want to remind you that this packaging, or a torn piece of diaper, could cause choking for a child. And like any piece of clothing, training pants are flammable.


Our training pants are made of chlorine free wood pulp fluff, sodium polyacrylate (also referred to as SAP or absorbent gel), polyolefin nonwoven fabric, adhesives, polyolefin film, synthetic rubber elastic strands. The color of training pants is typically achieved through the addition of color pigments to their inner and outer cover materials. This is also true for Seventh Generation training pants. While most designs on the market use pigments that result in a white color, we use a combination of pigments that result in a light brown color. Without the addition of color pigments, these materials would be colorless, much like a plastic milk jug. We use brown pigments to help distinguish Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants from others in the marketplace that are bleached with chlorine-containing substances. All disposable training pants, including Seventh Generation’s, rely on man-made materials to deliver the high-level performance that parents expect of modern training pants. These materials are mostly petroleum-derived and are not renewable, which adversely impacts the environmental footprint associated with these products. At Seventh Generation, we are pleased to offer an alternative that is not bleached with chlorine, and are working hard to further improve the sustainability of our diaper products.


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