Ship, Captain & Crew Dice Game by Legendary Games

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Product Information


Ship, Captain & Crew Dice Game by Legendary Games

Here's something sure to float your boat... A simple yet lightning-fast game, Ship, Captain & Crew will have you setting sail for dice-rolling fun. The tiny game set includes 5 miniature dice measuring 1/2 across, rolled up game instructions, and a container that's about the size of a film canister. It fits right in your pocket! Players roll the dice to build a ship, captain, and crew. Each player has 3 rolls to get a 6, 5, and 4 in that sequence. After the 6-5-4 are rolled, the 2 dice left over add up to your score. A game can be 5 to 10 rounds, or a target score such as 50 to 100 points. For 2 or more players ages 5 and up.

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