Snap™ Accessory Pack

Snap™ Accessory Pack

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Snap™ Accessory Pack

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Snap Accessory Pack

Take charge of your household cleaning, and simplify it easily with the Snap Accessory Pack. Many of the Snap family of cleaning products are concentrated in form to provide you substantial savings and require that you dilute them prior to use. With...
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The Snap Accessory Pack simplifies your cleaning routine when using Snap products. With the concentrated formulas in many of the Snap products, the Snap Accessory Pack helps to ensure the proper dilution ratios are used. One accessory pack contains three flip tops, two spray bottles, one sprayer, one plunger and one Home & Shop Cloth. Make household cleaning a SNAP! with the Snap Accessory Pack!

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  • Simplifies your cleaning routine
  • Accessories ensure proper dilution of Snap products
  • Includes a Home & Shop Cloth


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on 01/15/2010

I searched a long time for covers that fit my clesning products as so they would not spill all over floor when tipped over and I found my liquid cleaners last longer with a pump instead of pouring it, I came accross this kit and what a deal, I told all my friends and family.