Snap™ Fabric Softener

Snap™ Fabric Softener

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Single Bottle (3.17 oz.)

Product Information

  • One bottle replaces up to 12 boxes of the leading fabric softener sheets
  • Eliminates static cling
  • Leaves clothes fresh and amazingly soft
  • Freshens up hampers, gym bags and smelly shoes
  • Freshens up pet bedding
  • Deodorizes and removes static from carpet
  • Highly concentrated
  • Environmentally friendly*


*Made with phosphate-free, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients and bottled in recyclable plastic.

Product Information

Snap™ Fabric Softener

Soften your clothes while leaving them fresh and beautiful with Snap Fabric Softener. If you are tired of fabric softeners that leave spots, gum up and become sticky, this fabric softener is the perfect solution. It is also a more economical option, with one container replacing 12 boxes of the leading fabric softener. Freshen up your clothes as well as tennis shoes, pet bedding and more with this multi-purpose product. Shake some freshness into your dryer with Snap Fabric Softener, and feel the difference.

Pour some Snap Fabric Softener into every dryer load to freshen up clothes and leave them soft to the touch. Featuring anti-static properties, this laundry softener reduces static cling on clothes and carpet. The hypoallergenic fabric softener also deodorizes without adding heavy scents, making it perfect for removing odors from your gym bag, shoes, clothes, carpet and more. Rest easy knowing that this product is environmentally friendly, featuring plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Keep a container of this product in your home to make freshening up a breeze.

Snap Fabric Softener is a space-saving, convenient fabric softener that shakes freshness into every dryer load. Just one container of Snap Fabric Softener replaces up to 12 boxes of the leading fabric softener dryer sheets. That is more than a $60.00 savings in one bottle!

SHOP.COM Reviews

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Better than dryer sheets

by BrianS

Shop Consultant


Clothes feel soft and smell fresh. This small bottle lasts a long time and is saving us money!

simple but effective

by JesseG

Shop Consultant


Just a couple sprinkles (or a couple more if you love the scent)

by Anonymous


super. does everything it said it would. have used it now for years.

Amazing product!

by TaylorP


I received this as a sample and at first, I wasn't too excited about using a powder but I sure changed my mind after I dried my first load of laundry! It smells light and fresh, and you can do a large load and do a few shakes and your whole dryer load smells so fab! This is product I can definitely give 5 stars!

by SharonN

Shop Consultant


I love the smell, pleasant, not overbearing. I love the size, just like a salt shaker. There are no dryer sheets getting stuck in my laundry. Just a couple of shakes and that's it! I tell all my friends about it!



How do you use Snap Fabric Softener?
One to two shakes per dryer load is all that is needed to leave your clothes fresh and amazingly soft. Snap Fabric Softener can also be used to freshen up hampers, gym bags, smelly shoes and pet bedding. Sprinkle on the carpet to deodorized and remove static.

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