Snap™ Home & Shop Cloth

Snap™ Home & Shop Cloth

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Case (6 Cloths)

Product Information

  • Helps remove rust stains and paint spots from pewter, gold, chrome, nickel, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, enamel and ceramic tile
  • Helps remove alcohol, water, ink and heat stains from furniture
  • Helps hide surface scratches on wood furniture, enamel and silver
  • Polishes and waxes
  • Economical

Product Information

Snap™ Home & Shop Cloth

Clean a variety of surfaces with the high-quality Snap Home & Shop Cloth. This cleaning cloth product is designed to remove paint, rust and other similar types of stains from surfaces made from a variety of materials, including gold, chrome, aluminum, enamel, ceramic and other elements. The Snap Home & Shop Cloths are also effective at hiding scratches on wood furniture as well as items made from silver and enamel. Use these cloths in your shop or home to keep your surfaces sparkling.

Keep the surfaces and furniture in your home in tip-top condition with a Snap Home & Shop Cloth, a well-crafted polishing cloth. These Snap cloths are designed to make household cleaning easy. They are crafted to deal with even the most difficult stains and scuffs, including effective ink stain removal, on an array of different surfaces. The cloths are capable of removing water, alcohol and even challenging heat stains from furniture. They are also effective at cleaning jewelry, leaving it polished and shining.

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by LiannL

Shop Consultant


I forgot my baby sitter's small car parked behind my van. I backed up and scratched her car with many black marks. I tried to wash them off, but it didn't work. Her dad washed her car and the scratch didn't come off too. Then I remember Dennis said about the magic cloth, so I give it a try in front of my friend 3 days later. Magic, less than a minute or 2, her car is as clean as new!

by ShawnM

Shop Consultant


I was building an extra bedroom in our basement and went as far as to create the trim work that I wanted (simple and rustic). As luck would have it, I had a bit of confined space to deal with. I had to use my washer and dryer to hold some things and ended up getting "dark walnut" stains from a wood stain all over my dryer. Nothing seamed to work at all!! I found this cloth one day as I emptied my "snap pack" and thought what the heck why not give it a try. What did my wondering eyes see but a little rag make those stains go away. Just a little rubbing and poof it was gone... A lot of scrubbing with other products produced nothing.

by CharleenH

Shop Consultant


I started cleaning my silver jewelry and i never knew it could sparkle so much!!! Then, I headed for the silver platter and it did an amazing job!!! Way to go Market America another awesome product!!!

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