Sony Masterworks 828767369228 Elizabethtown - CD

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Sony Masterworks 828767369228 Elizabethtown - CD

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Sony Masterworks 828767369228 Elizabethtown - CD

A young man in need of a fresh start gets one under highly unexpected circumstances in this emotionally resonant comedy drama from writer and director Cameron Crowe. Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) is considered the big success story in his family, having moved away from the small Kentucky town where he was born to California, where he works as a designer for Mercury, the nation's biggest athletic shoe company. But success has begun to elude Drew - his most recent design was a resounding flop that has cost him his job, and his girlfriend, Ellen (Jessica Biel), has given him his walking papers. Drew is contemplating suicide when he gets word that his father has died, and that he's needed back home in Elizabethtown, KY, to help organize the funeral. With his mother, Hollie (Susan Sarandon), deep in denial about her husband's passing, Drew comes home to discover no one knows about his recent poor fortune, and he's greeted like a conquering hero. As Drew reconnects with his family and helps his sister, Heather (Judy Greer), look after Hollie, Drew gets a new lease on life and is reminded about what's really important to him. Helping him learn these valuable lessons is Claire Colburn (Kirsten Dunst), a pretty and optimistic flight attendant Drew meets on his flight home who has her own philosophies about positive thinking and the curative powers of travel. Elizabethtown also stars Alec Baldwin, Paul Schneider, Bruce McGill, Loudon Wainwright III, and Paula Deen. -Mark Deming, Rovi.Artist: Nancy Wilson.Genre: Classical and Opera.Sub-Genre: Classical Soundtrack / Score.Release Date: 11 October 2005.Rated: PG-13.Attributes: CD-R/MUSIC BY NANCY WILSON CD MOD.Discs: 1.Country: USA.Label: Sony Mod ( STQD ).Dimensions: 5.5" L x 0.3" H x 5" W.Track Listing:1. 60B (etown theme).2. Same In Any Lingo.3. Scruffy Busque.4. River Kiss.5. River Drive.6. Headstone.7. Grey Sky's Blue.8. Flame To Ashes.9. Zapata.10. Dirty Shirt.11. C Roll.12. Family Table.13. Drew's Theme.14. Telephone Waltz.15. California Baylor.16. River Road.17. Fiasco.18. Containing Magic.19. Bicycle Kid.20. Every Snowflake.21. Sun On The Rug.


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