Star Wars Omnibus 2

Star Wars Omnibus 2

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Star Wars Omnibus 2

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Product Information

Product Information

Star Wars Omnibus 2

Follows the adventures of Darth Vader and the imperial authorities, and of his children and their comrades in the Rebel Alliance, as the galaxy readies itself for war in the months before and after the battle of Yavin.

Following Star Wars: A New Hope, the struggling Rebellion has won their first major victory, giving them inspiration to continue the fight—but the war against the Empire is not even near its conclusion.

In this omnibus collection, you''ll find stories of your favorite classic-era characters, along with several new faces of the Rebellion: Luke is recognized as a Jedi General, and also the son of Anakin Skywalker, hero of the Clone Wars; a powerful crime lord leads the Empire, the Rebels, and his own spies in a circle of betrayal; the Rebellion faces a big challenge to bring about a small victory; Luke and Leia encounter an evil from the past when Darth Vader sets a trap for them on a deserted moon—all these stories and more!




Dark Horse Comics



Allie, Scott


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Star Wars Omnibus