Stewart CMP 9'0""

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Product Information

SKU: SWT-001

Stewart CMP 9'0""

The ultimate high-performance longboard, the CMP (California Mega Pro) has won four professional world longboard titles and countless other contests, across all divisions. The CMP’s clean and simple round pin shape has overall perfect rocker. Thin and narrow with low rail volume and a flat V-panel tail, the CMP goes rail to rail without delay and generates incredible speed, making it feel like a shortboard. The mild concave and upped rails in the nose maintain speed and hold a high line when noseriding. The CMP also sports the 2+1 fin configuration, invented in 1985 by Stewart and quickly adopted by other board manufacturers. The thin, narrow shape of this high-performance longboard creates an absolutely perfect flex and sling-shots out of every turn. It also makes the CMP very easy to maneuver and carry (even under small arms), making it perfect for women and boys. Ideal for fit, light surfers (under 175 lbs) who are looking to win contests, or just to take their surfing to the next level. Dimensions: 9'0'' x 22 5/8'' x 2 5/8'' = 54.31L. Note- Boards are sized up by the shaper going on feedback from riders of all skill levels! Changes can be made by custom order or calling Willow on 0488 775 483. Boards that don't have [In Stock] next to them will take 2-4 weeks to be shipped to you! NOTE- Board Lengths that have [In Stock] next to them are ready to ship the next business day. However the world is not a perfect place, and even TWS slips up from time to time, with the amount of stock that we have to try and keep track of there is a real chance that some boards with in stock next to them may have been spoken for already, in which case you are either able to switch to another model in stock or have the original model made for you! In extreme situations you may be offered a refund!

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