Sudeki / Game: Sudeki / Game

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Sudeki / Game: Sudeki / Game

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Sudeki / Game: Sudeki / Game

Sudeki is an action role-playing game starring a team of four young characters, each possessing varying skills in the arts of weapons and magic. Players will step into the roles of a sorceress, a swordsman, a huntress with the power to shape shift, and even a steam-punk gunslinger as they fight such vile creatures as giant spiders, robotic entities, spiny demons, and more. The monsters are determined to destroy the characters' home world, so players will need to perfect various combos and team attacks in order to survive. In true role-playing game fashion, each character will develop enhanced fighting and magic abilities as they earn more experience from battling the enemy hordes. New weapons and spells can also be acquired as the game progresses. Up to four players can partake in the action simultaneously while adventuring through the fantasy worlds. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide


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