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Duct Silencers: Suncourt 12 Inch Duct Silencer DM112

Suncourt 12 Inch Duct Silencer DM112 A duct silencer or muffler can reduce the noise heard through registers from your furnace or even music or other noise from adjacent rooms. It does not restrict airflow through your duct and is easy to install. Duct silencers require no electricity and no maintenance. Features: Building code compliant, meets NFPA Standards 90A and 90 B Acoustic Liner - UL listed, Class 1 Air Duct Specifications: Diameter: 12 inch Housing Length: 36" Sound Reduction*: at 250 Hz - 8.8 at 500 Hz - 16.5 at 1000 Hz -21.8 Weight:15 lbs 1 year warranty * Measurements are under standard laboratory conditions at 180 cfm from orifice in dBA~

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