Sunforce 600-Watt Wind Turbine with Tower Kit 45644

Sunforce 600-Watt Wind Turbine with Tower Kit 45644
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Shop for Electrical at The Home Depot. Generate power day and night with the complete Sunforce 600 Watt Wind Turbine and Tower Kit. The versatile 600 Watt wind turbine charges both 12 Volt and 24 Volt battery banks. Ideal for cabins, 12 Volt battery charging, remote power, back-up power and more, this turbine is made with aerodynamic fiber glass blades to ensure low wind noise. Weatherproof, industrial design. Do-it-yourself, maintenance-free installation. Safe and efficient charging is provided with the Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller (included) which maximizes power output for optimal charging capability and battery health. For added convenience, this kit includes the complete 30 ft. guyed tower kit for mounting, designed to withstand forces on the wind generator and tower from high, heavy winds.