Swiffer Dusters Disposable Dusters, Unscented 10 dusters

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Product Information

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Swiffer Dusters Disposable Dusters, Unscented 10 dusters

Textured strips trap & lock more dust and allergens (vs. feather duster & dry cloths) (Swiffer dusters trap and lock dust, dirt, and common household allergens from cats, dogs, and dust mites. Swiffer dusters' textured dusting strips remove dust from virtually all your surfaces while the handle helps you get to those hard-to-reach areas.). Extendable handle. Get the 5 signs of clean. See. Scent free. Feel. Shine. Trap & toss. Fits both handles! Original handle. Dusters made in Canada. Directions

Using your dusters. Fluff. Using both hands, shake the ends of the duster up & down quickly in a see-saw motion. Slide. With the fluffy side down, slide the forks into the white sleeves. Fits all Swiffer Dusters handles.


For cleaning purposes only. Use only on cooled surfaces. This product is not intended for use on wet or anti-glare coated surfaces. Avoid accidents: Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

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