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  • Personalized weight loss program option based on your goals and commitment level
  • Interactive meal and exercise planning and tracking
  • Over 90,000+ food entries, including restaurant meals
  • Approximately 1,400 glycemic index food entries to help track food intake
  • Hundreds of recipes and quick meal options
  • Hundreds of new 3-D exercise videos to provide techniques and guidance
  • Articles and tips on diet, exercise and healthy living to keep you on track
  • Anywhere, anytime tracking for meals, exercise, supplements and progress with TLS Mobile
  • Alerts and reminders via email and text messaging to track progress and accelerators, helping ensure your success on the program
  • Mobile application, syncing the web and mobile app

Product Information

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A 2001 study found that participants who regularly used interactive web tools — utilized feedback from nutritionists, joined online chats, submitted food diaries, and tracked their progress — lost almost 40 percent more weight than those who only used the Internet for weight loss research. 

The TLS Website allows you to participate in a weight loss program in the comfort of your own home. If you are uncomfortable with or don’t have time to go a support group meeting, the TLS Website is the perfect fit. The TLS Website provides you with a variety of tools to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. The TLS Website offers menu plans with thousands of food entries, an online daily journal, accelerator reminders, stress reduction techniques, an exercise planner, hundreds of delicious recipes and an online progress tracker for measurements and weight, and much more.


* is a subscription-based site. Your subscription will be set up on auto payment, which you can cancel any time through Your Account. The subscription will be automatically charged the first Tuesday of every one, three or 12 months, depending on your subscription.

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LOVE. this website!!!

Shop Consultant

on 07/23/2015

All kinds of great recipes that are low glycemic and amazing resources. I could spend hours on the site. Thank you so much for having it available for me and my clients. ♥

website support diabetes!

Shop Consultant

on 03/05/2015

Hi struggle with pre-diabetes and know alot of information out today on this topic and can be confusing but when it comes to eating and recipies and helping online support this is the best one I have seen that give alot of details and oh yeah can even set up behavior results to loose weight! Now for compliance and time management for me!


on 07/24/2014

did not like the website, was not user friendly, everything was always loading. it was time consuming and boring, I spend a lot of time working with different websites this is one of the worst.