TV Call Display Caller ID On Television System with Remote

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TV Call Display Caller ID On Television System with Remote

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TV Call Display Caller ID On Television System with Remote

New technology now available for your everyday home use. See who's calling on the phone on TV. The Caller ID On TV utilizes the television to display telephone caller ID information. Are you tired of unwanted phone calls interrupting the football game or your favourite movie? With this TV Set Call Display unit there's no need to get up from the TV to find out who's on the phone. When the phone rings, the unit will display incoming callers name and number in the upper left corner of your TV screen without interrupting the program. This convenient easy-to-read caller display lets you make an immediate decision on how to handle the call. You can even use it in the office for extra visibility of important calls.

In addition the unit keeps track of your calls while you're away. The name of the caller, their phone number, date, time and number of times they have called are stored in the 126-caller log for future reference. You can also use up to 73 of those spaces to store telephone numbers in a phone book directory. This gives you quick access to frequently dialed numbers.

Easy to setup and a breeze to use. The unit plugs in to the telephone jack and between the video-in RCA jack of your TV and the video-out RCA jack of your video source and that's it! Examples of compatible video sources are: cable box, satellite receiver, VCR, DVD player, video game system, or video camera.

This item comes with a remote control (10-button) that allows you to scroll and delete items in the log from the comfort of your sofa. The IR codes from this remote can be learned by most learning remotes.

Perfect for use in the house, kitchen, office, business, store, or even your home theater system. What a great idea . . . excellent aid for the hearing impaired!

Convenience & Security:

  • Screen calls while you watch TV
  • Lets you identify callers before you answer
  • End unwanted interruptions
  • Excellent aid for the hearing impaired
  • Avoid nuisance or unwanted calls
  • Extra visibility for important calls.


  • Displays the callers name and number on TV
  • Easy to read on-screen display
  • Caller history logs up to 126 different callers
  • Up to 73 directory numbers stored in phone book
  • Symbols for new call, attended call, and returned call
  • Full remote control operation
  • New call indicator (red flashing LED)
  • Choice of back ground color (blue, green, black)
  • Composite video interface (RCA)
  • Easy to install
  • Extension jack to connect phone.

    Callers Log:

  • Name, number, date & time of call
  • Review 4 calls on the same screen
  • Logs incoming calls while you are away
  • Blinking light indicates new calls.

    Specifications: video standard NTSC, dimensions 4" x 5.8" x 1.5", connectors: video in - RCA/video out - RCA/phone in - RJ11/phone out - RJ11, power source 110V AC adapter, requires 4 AA batteries for unit memory and 2 AA batteries for remote (batteries not included),

    What it comes with: TV Set Call Display unit, AC power supply, 16' telephone cord, 3' RCA video cable, fully functional 10 button remote control unit, owner's guide with 1 year warranty.

    I connected my Caller ID unit the way it shows in the manual but I can't see Caller ID or get any menu screens? The most common cause of this problem is not selecting the correct video input on your TV. Select which ever source the Caller ID unit is connected to. Check with your telephone company to ensure that the Call Display service has been activated.

    What wire do I use to connect to my television and what's the difference between 'Cable' and 'Video'? 'Cable' is the standard signal which comes out of the wall and plugs into the

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