Thera Tears Dry-Eye Relief Capsules, 90 ct

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Product Information

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Thera Tears Dry-Eye Relief Capsules, 90 ct

The Omega-3S In Theratears Nutrition Come from Organically Grown Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil, and Premium Molecularly-Distilled (Mercury-Free, Pcb-Free) Pharmaceutical-Grade Fish Oil, This Flaxseed/Fish Oil Blend Supplements Omega-3 Metabolism Better Than Flaxseed Oil Or Fish Oil Alone, and Makes Theratears Nutrition Great For Your Health, and An Essential Part of Any Complete Dry-Eye Or Dry-Mouth Relief Program. Omega-3 Supplement Our Landmark Research Shows That Omega-3 Nutrition Is Critical For Eye Comfort. Theratears Nutrition Is A Dual-Action Omega-3 Formula That Relieves Morning Eye Irritation, and Nourishes Tears For All-Day Dry-Eye Relief. and New Research Shows That Theratears Nutrition Also Supports Normal Saliva Production For Dry-Mouth Relief. Try Theratears Nutrition and See What We've Accomplished! -Jeffrey P. Gilbard, Md.

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