Trees - Cornus kousa var. chinensis 'Wieting's Select'

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Product Information

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Trees - Cornus kousa var. chinensis 'Wieting's Select'

Extra-large Blooms Blush Red as They MatureStrawberry-sized red fruit delights the birds from late summer through winter. An extraordinary Chinese Dogwood too seldom available to American gardeners, 'Wieting's Select' offers some of the largest, most profuse, and most beautifully colored blooms in the family, as well as large attractive fruits and blazing red fall foliage. Truly a year-round beauty, this fine specimen is treasured in the landscape of discerning gardeners.Very large and held out flat and wide, the 4-petaled blooms are attention-getting and ever-changing. They arise in late spring, blanketing the tree in changing color for several weeks. They open pale green with just the hint of rosy-red around the edges, as shown in our photo. Then, as they mature, the green turns to rich ivory and the red spreads onward down each petal, creating a multicolored look that is simply enchanting.The flowers are followed by large, red, strawberry-shaped fruit, very attractive to birds and long-lasting on the tree. It ripens in late summer and fall, remaining available during winter, when wildlife needs it most. Much showier than the tiny berries of other Cornus, it truly adds another ornamental effect to the tree.And in autumn, the leaves of this little tree simply blaze bright red tones, transforming the landscape for many weeks. Just 10 to 12 feet high and slightly wider, this is a compact specimen, but what an impact it makes in the fall vista. Cold-hardier than many others, it can be pushed a bit farther north than you would expect, especially with a good winter mulch. Developed in Germany by Johann Wieting, it is a masterpiece of color and texture over three -- four, if you count the winter berries! -- seasons. Do not pass it by! Zones 5-8. - Bareroot

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