Turkey Roasting Kit for Dummies


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Turkey Roasting Kit for Dummies

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Turkey Roasting Kit for Dummies

Roast turkey...golden brown, moist and delicious, and perfect the very first time! For anyone who wants to make the best holiday turkey ever, our new Turkey Roasting Kit for Dummies® comes with everything you need. From choosing the right bird at the store to preparing it to serving your perfectly-roasted turkey to family & friends, you’ll get all the expert advice you need to roast a flavorful turkey. All the kitchen tools you need are included, plus easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips. Kit includes a heavy-duty 16 x 12 nonstick roasting pan, nonstick roasting rack, stainless steel turkey lacers with cooking string, turkey baster, pop-up timer and instructions. A great gift for anyone who is new to cooking, or wants a perfectly-cooked turkey on the very first try. Make this holiday one to remember!


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Turkey Roasting Kit is defective

on 05/04/2011

I purchased a Turkey Roasting Kit for Dummies today. I cooked a turkey in it and after pouring the juice onto all the meat I then washed the roasting pan. The non-stick coating had disintegrated in many spots, the spots were bare. The non-stick coating is now all over the turkey meat in pieces too small to be able to remove. I had purchased a fresh turkey from a local farm. It was very pricey and now the entire turkey is ruined.