TurtleBeach EarForce X3 COD: MW3 Headset

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Product Information

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TurtleBeach EarForce X3 COD: MW3 Headset

With this Call of Duty: MW3 Ear Force Bravo: Limited Edition Wireless Universal Headset, not only will you be able to clearly hear even the slightest noises, you'll also enjoy booming audio and game chat with stunning clarity. Say goodbye to enemies being able to sneak up behind you and say hello to a brilliant world of incredible audio you never knew existed. This Limited Edition Wireless Universal Headset features a sleek Call of Duty: MW3 design with a custom military textured finish, embossed headband and breathable, mesh ear cushions. Explore preloaded audio presets designed specifically to enhance your MW3 gameplay experience. Ear Guard with Blast Limited protects your hearing by reducing the intensity of loud sounds, including explosions and gunfire, so you can continue to enjoy the audio at a comfortable level. Sonic Silencers eliminate background noise on your microphone to ensure crystal-clear chat quality. Compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

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