UVSunSense UV Monitoring Wristband 7 wristbands

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UVSunSense UV Monitoring Wristband 7 wristbands

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UVSunSense UV Monitoring Wristband 7 wristbands

Supported by a manufacturing patent in multiple countries, the product is a one use real time dosimeter that advises the wearer when to re-apply sun screen and when to cover up and/or get out of the sun prior to a potential sunburn. A plastic wrist band that can be fastened around the wearer's wrist and, when used with an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen, alerts the wearer as to the amount of UV Radiation the band (and therefore the wearer's skin) has been exposed to. Directions

1. Open the package, take out one band 2. Fasten the band around your wrist, with the printed side up. 3. Apply sunscreen over all areas of exposed skin and over the band. 4. When exposed to sunlight, the band immediately turns bright purple to indicate it has been activated. 5. When the band fades to light pink, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen on your body and on the band. 6. When the band turns pale yellow, it is recommended to cover up or get out of the sun. The colors of the ink used on the band were chosen to help you recognize each transition. When ‘SunSense’ disappears, it indicates it’s time to reapply sunscreen (step 5). When the Sun Symbols and ‘UV’ disappear, it indicates it is time to get out of the sun.


Not regulated by the FDA as they have advised us that we are a monitor, not a "medical device."


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