Urban Mover UM24 Terrain 20-inch Folding Electric Battery Operated Bicycle

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Product Information

Product Information


Urban Mover UM24 Terrain 20-inch Folding Electric Battery Operated Bicycle

Includes Urban Mover UM24 Terrain 20-inch Folding Electric Battery Operated Bicycle.

  • Urban Mover Electric Assist Bikes include a sensor that feels how hard the rider is peddling and instantly provideselectric power to match the effort.
  • Features.
    • With an Urban Mover electric bicycle, even a casual peddler can maintain speeds of 12-18 mph with minimal effort.
    • Stop peddling and the power is interrupted instantly so that the rider isalways in total control.
    • Easily remove the battery or charge it on the bike with anytraditional electrical outlet.
    • Urban Mover uses only the best components, such as Panasonic® lithium battery, Shimano® hardware, Kenda® puncture resistant/self-sealing tires & tubes, Tektro® V-brakes, front and rear.
    • Their aluminum alloy frames coupled with lithium batteries, rather than lead acid, allow for one of the lightest electric bikes on the market.
    • The Urban Mover Mountain Bike is 77% lighter than the E-zip equivalent.
    • In the past electric bikes have been disappointing from the standpoint of performance.
    • This has beencaused primarily by the manufacturer over-promising and under-delivering.
    • Urban Mover is on the cutting edge of battery technology, and able to deliver high quality product and performance.
    • Backed up with a comprehensive warranty program.
    • Where leading competitors put their battery on the back, the Urban Mover placement on the seat tube between the seat stay and chain stay and more directly beneath the rider allows for a better center of gravity and a safer and more comfortable ride.
    • Panasonic® lithium batteries provide 20% more range (than NiMh), 50% lighter (than 8Ah NiMh battery), Up to 50% longer life v NiMh.
    • Urban Mover bikes come equipped with a VPAC (Variable Pedal Assist Control) torque sensor.
    • A sensor feels how hard the rider is peddling and instantly provides electric power tomatch the effort.
    • Going up a hill? Receive more power. When peddling stops, the power stops sothat the rider is always in control.
    • Charge indicator is mounted on the handle bars.
    • Most competitive electric bikes are equipped with a throttle so they are actually regulated as motor vehicles (like a motorcycle) and are not allowed on bike paths or in parks.
    • Because Urban Mover bicycle are controlled with the pedals only, they are regulated as traditional bicycles and are allowed on bike paths, state & national parks, and anywhere a bike is allowed.
    • Low-end electric bikes are very low quality bikes with electric kits added later. UM has developedthe bike and electric system as an integrated whole that works better and looks better.
    • Industry leading 10 year warranty on the frame with a 12 month warranty on major components and the battery, compared to 6 month frame, 90 days parts for most competitors.
    • Safety & Security: each bicycle includes a rear wheel lock as well as a chain lock.
    • Compared to many electric bikes that are front wheel drive which is unstable and unsafe, Urban Mover bikes are rear wheel drive.
    • The battery is easily removable with the chain lock key and can therefore be charged while removedor on the bike or it can be easily switched out with an extra battery for longer trips.
    • An Urban Mover bicycle features durable, non-rusting fenders to allow for a clean commute.
    • Kick stand and rear rack.
    • Suspension seat post and sealed crank bearing system.
  • Specifications.
    • Weight (w/ battery): 43.2-lbs.
    • System Voltage: 26-volt.
    • Battery: Lithium Ion 9-ah.
    • Approximate Range: 25-miles.
    • Battery Weight: 4.4-lbs.
    • Recharge Cycle Life: up to 1000-cycles.
    • Color: Metallic Silver.
    • Battery Charger: 110-240v (50-60hz).
    • Motor Type: Brushless.
    • Motor Rating: 250-watts.
    • Wheel Size: 20-inches.
    • Rims / Spokes: Alloy / Stainless.
    • Tires: Kenda Puncture Resistant.
    • Rear Gear Set: Shimano Tourney 6-Speed.
    • Gear Shifter: Shimano TX 51 Thumb Shifter.
    • Bottom Crank Size: 48-tooth.
    • Alloy Rear Parcel Carrier Standard.
    • Chrome ABS Mudguards: Standard.
    • Suspension Seat Post: Standard.
    • Rear Wheel Lock: Standard.
    • Frame Type: Alloy Folding.
    • Frame Size (Folded): 32x13x28.5 inch.
    • Wheelbase: 44-inches.
    • Shipping Weight (w/ box): 58-lbs.
    • Carton Size: 37x15x29 inch.
Full Manufacturer Warranty

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