Vitamin D

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Vitamin D

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by Seager, Ryan - Paperback (Createspace Independent Pub; Mar 7, 2014)
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Vitamin D

Everything you need to know about Vitamin D! Includes the latest research developments on the crucial link between Vitamin D and Cancer prevention. Millions of people are needlessly suffering the effects of Vitamin D deficiency but are totally unaware of the straight facts on how to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin D in their bodies.Topics include:Why should I care about Vitamin D deficiency?Getting Vitamin D from FoodDifferent types of Vitamin DVitamin D from the SunVitamin D Production and AgingVitamin D Deficiency SymptomsObesity and Vitamin D deficiencyRecommendations from Dietary ResearchersMore Details on Vitamin D DeficiencyTreating Vitamin D DeficiencyThe Difference between Vitamin D2 and D3Vitamin D ToxicityVitamin D and Cancer PreventionVitamin D and PsoriasisSuggested Vitamin D Retail ProductsSummary and ConclusionRyan Seager has meticulously compiled up to date information that you need to know now. Includes details of an explosive presentation on the link between Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention that was just recently released.A must read for anyone concerned about their health.


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