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Walking Bird, People of the Yellow Earth by Aul, MR Kevin L. [Paperback]

Walking Bird, People of the Yellow Earth by Aul, MR Kevin L. [Paperback]

Item  UBM9781478154457
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by Aul, Kevin L. - Paperback (Createspace Independent Pub; Jul 14, 2012)
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Walking Bird, People of the Yellow Earth by Aul, MR Kevin L. [Paperback]

People of the Yellow Earth have lost a generation of children to a illness and have ask another People to supply them with children to raise as their own. A trade is set up over a period of several moons and finally a massive kidnapping is carried out on a People far off that were responsible for one of their hunters death Seasons earlier. Many children are taken in a early morning raid and carried far off to the Peoples village where they will be renamed and raised as their children. Following the life of one of these children as she grows, learning language, customs and ways of her new family and village. Grown she faces several who do not accept her as one of their people because she was an outsider and when she becomes her Peoples leader she is challenged and must make a choice that may change her Peoples ways if they back her, their leader. Even after leading her People through the hardest part of their lives together another challenges her and must be dealt with, this time her Shaman stands up for her and deals out his own type of justice and the party who challenged his leader is dealt with through his and natures acts.This story is told of a time long before the European whites claimed an already inhabited land as their own.Each of these People lived expecting their way of life to go on for generations. "My grand children's grand children will learn of us and our ways so their grand children's grand children will care for mother earths offering and treat it as the gift it is."


ISBN 9781478154457

Fiction/Non-Fiction Non-Fiction

Publisher Createspace Independent Pub

Pages 198

List Price $8.49

Author Aul, Kevin L.

Publication Date 07/14/2012

Release Status In Print

Format Paperback

Language English

Measurements Height: 8.5 Inches (US)
Width: 5.5 Inches (US)
Thickness: 0.45 Inches (US)
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