Wearever Brake Drum - YH201465

Wearever Brake Drum - YH201465
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Product Information

"Wearever Brake Drums are designed to meet or exceed original equipment design delivering superior stopping power. Proper harmonic design and balance that eliminates noise and enhances pedal feel. Wearever Brake Drums are designed to dissipate heat helping to eliminate brake fade and increase the life of your brake shoes. Ready to install out of the box to save you time. Product Features:Manufactured to exacting quality and dimensional specifications for Superior Stopping PowerExceeds ISO manufacturing guidelines. (International Organization for Standardization)OE design to dissipate heat, increasing brake shoe life.Proper harmonic design and balance helps to reduce brake noise.Optimal metallurgy and casting thickness to preventing warpingReady for immediate ""out-of-the-box"" installation (after cleaning)Advance Auto Parts Drum Tips:Recommended using Wearever Brake Clean to remove residual manufacturing oils prior to installation.Always use a torque wrench to tighten wheel bolts to the manufacturers'' specifications to prevent pedal pulsation.Always replace drums in pairs to improve stopping power. Most Brake Drums products are available for in-store pickup from Advance Auto Parts."