Whitetail Super Bucks 2014 Wall Calendar

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Product Information

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Whitetail Super Bucks 2014 Wall Calendar

Whitetail Super Bucks 2014 Wall Calendar: Whitetail Super Bucks Wall Calendar: Looking for a Deer Calendar that beats all other Deer Calendars on the market today? Then you're looking for the Whitetail Super Bucks Calendar. The pictures appearing in the Whitetail Super Bucks Calendar represent only the very finest photographs from professional whitetail photographer George Barnett. Extremely popular with nature lovers, hunters and other whitetail deer enthusiasts, these deer calendars feature only pictures of BIG WHITETAIL BUCKS! No does, no fawns, no little scrawny bucks like you find in other deer calendars. Only Whitetail Super Bucks! And when we say big, we mean record book candidates only. UPC: 663872018148 EAN: 9780980137569 ISBN: 098013756X

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