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SHOP.COM's goal is to delight our consumers for the benefit of our Merchant Partners. To accomplish this, we have developed the One Cart™  Trusted Merchant Certification Program.

Every merchant within the SHOP.COM marketplace must be certified and comply with the requirements of the SHOP.COM One Cart™  Trusted Merchant Program. Some of the key requirements for participating merchants are listed below:

•   A published and active phone number for consumers
•   A physical address of operation (not a Post Office Box)
•   The ability to send an XML product feed
•   A stated privacy policy
•   Access to their entire database of products
•   Honoring consumers' opt in/opt out preferences
•   Secure banking transactions that comply with bank card industry standards
•   Minimum of 100 unique new products for sale

If you fulfill the criteria, are passionate about creating a great customer experience and have a desire to participate in the SHOP.COM marketplace please fill out all the requested fields below and a member of our Merchant Development Team will evaluate the partnership opportunity and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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