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The SHOP.COM Story

In 1997 Lee Lorenzen found his mailbox bulging with more than two dozen catalogs, all delivered in a single day. As both an entrepreneur and a technologist, he realized that there must be a more efficient way for merchants to place their offers in front of customers and for customers to shop conveniently for just the right product and brands across a wide selection of merchants.

Instead of "pushing" offers to customers and hoping the products and timing matched their needs, why not create a single location where customers could shop for the exact products they wanted, precisely when they wanted them? And why not leverage the Internet to build a virtual marketplace?

And so we began as Catalog City, a web site dedicated to catalog retailers where customers could order from hundreds of catalogs online. The vision grew to include products from department stores, specialty stores, and web only retailers. We also developed our patented OneCart® technology which allows customers to shop across hundreds of merchants and check out only once with a single password-protected account.

Now, backed by over a decade of technology development, the original vision has evolved into SHOP.COM, the destination comparison shopping engine that merchandises to women and leverages the multi-merchant features of its patented OneCart® technology. We provide easy access to a vast selection of products and merchants - from well-known name brands to lesser-known but equally high quality specialty retailers - organized for convenience in finding, comparing and buying items for the home, family, work, friends, and personal needs and interests.

In January 2011, SHOP.COM was acquired by the internet product brokerage company Market America. Together, we will create a revolutionary shopping platform that provides convenience, choice, great prices, safety and security, trusted brands and hard-to-find products -- a truly compelling shopping experience.

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