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About Adio

Legendary, former professional skateboarder, Chris Miller is the founder of southern California's Adio Footwear. Since 1998, Adio has worked to stay true to its deep roots in skateboarding. To remain the industry leader, Adio has continually worked to develop the world's most durable and long-lasting skate shoes. Their diverse professional skateboarding team is on-hand to road test any and all new designs.

Adio is a strictly hands-on type of footwear designer. Because of their reputation, every pair of shoes must be put through a strenuous skate session before they can get the stamp of approval. Men's shoes, as well as women's and children's are all widely known for their diverse range of sneakers, all with their own personality. The colorful Adio Radley or the classic Adio Hamiltons are all built to hold up for the most hardcore skater, yet still be comfortable enough for the layman.

While all Adio shoes all offered at the pinnacle of style, they also have a set of special features. Vulcanized rubber insoles are included for shock absorption, mesh breathing vents will keep your feet cool and their front toe bumpers will help keep them protected. As Adio Footwear continues to produce top quality skate shoes, their special features continue to upgrade.