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About Bertazzoni

While the Bertazzoni} brand arrived in America in 2005, the company's origin can be traced back to Italy, as early as the late 19th century. With nearly 100 years of experience behind them, Bertazzoni offers an incomparable measure of expertise in their engineering and design of ranges and cooktops.

The Bertazzoni brand began as a family enterprise in rural Italy. Since then the line has progressed from the production of the first wood-burning stoves available to homes in Italy, to the modern, technologically advanced cooking machines that are sold around the world today.

Bertazzoni respects its roots in the traditions of Italian culture and style and views itself as a specialist in the very personal craft of cooking. Well-known chefs around the world continue to demand Bertazzoni products in their kitchen designs.

Bertazzoni is the standard that others use to measure quality in the professional cooking appliance industry. Bertazzoni remains in the forefront of innovation, ensuring that the latest ideas and practices are utilized in the production and design of their products.

Bertazzoni ranges, cooktops and ventilation hoods are mainly made from stainless steel and other metals, with few plastic parts. This fact exemplifies their interest in using sustainable materials in the manufacturing process. The majority of the materials used in production are recyclable.

Precision engineered to the highest specifications for exceptional reliability and durability - a Bertazzoni appliance is made to last a lifetime.

Bertazzoni Best Sellers

Bertazzoni PRO366DFSAR Pro 36" Dual Fuel Self Cle...
Bertazzoni PRO366DFSAR Pro 36' Dual Fuel Self Clean Range in Arancio Orange with 6 Brass Burners

Bertazzoni PRO366DFSAR Pro 36' Dual Fuel Self Clean Range in Arancio Orange with 6 Brass Burners
Bertazzoni Professional Series electric, gas and dual fuel ranges combine clean lines, good proportions, and functional, ergonomic design. They all have one-piece stainless-steel worktops, precision engineered burners, safe and reliable ignition...
Bertazzoni PRO304GASBI Pro 30" Gas Range in Bianc...
Bertazzoni PRO304GASBI Pro 30' Gas Range in Bianco White with 4 Brass Burners
Bertazzoni PRO304GASVI Pro 30" Gas Range in Vino ...
Bertazzoni PRO304GASVI Pro 30' Gas Range in Vino with 4 Brass Burners
Bertazzoni PRO304GASRO Pro 30" Gas Range in Rosso...
Bertazzoni PRO304GASRO Pro 30' Gas Range in Rosso Red with 4 Brass Burners
Bertazzoni PRO365GASX Pro 36" Gas Range in Stainl...
Bertazzoni PRO365GASX Pro 36' Gas Range in Stainless with 5 Brass Burners

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