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About Birkenstock

When people talk about a pair of Birkenstock sandals, they can't help be describe the unimaginable comfort that they experience with every step. The unique creation of a shoe that molds to your feet is a testament to the Birkenstock family that has produced shoes for over 230 years. The revered contoured footbed that creates the comfort in shoes like the Birkenstock sneakers, Birkenstock womens flat shoes, and Birkenstock clogs, created in 1897 by Konrad Birkenstock was just one of many milestones in the Birkenstock family's pursuit of perfect walking comfort. Over 40 years ago, that pursuit was brought stateside by Birkenstock USA founder Margot Fraser, who after trying on her first pair of Birkenstocks, became so impressed that she began importing Birkenstocks back home to distribute, and with that Birkenstock USA was formed.

Able to provide you with unmatched comfort, Birkenstock USA offers you a wide selection of footwear. So whether you're looking for Birkenstock walking shoes, or some Birkenstock shoe inserts to keep your trusty pair going, keeping your feet comfy and improving your health is simple, and enjoyable. When a company stays in business for over two centuries, you can feel as comfortable buying their shoes, as you'll feel wearing them.