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About California Tan

Prior to the 20th century, tanned skin was associated with servants and the lower class that had to work outside in the fields while pale skin was coveted by the society at the time, symbolizing an elite class. However, with the advent of color film, the Hollywood stars needed “color” in order to show a rosy, sun-kissed glow. Stars began appearing with suntans. This was immediately copied by fans throughout the world. To meet this new demand, General Electric introduced the first home tanning lamp in 1946.

California becomes the tanning capital of the world with its many sun-kissed stars and popular surfing culture. Researchers discover ingredients that increase UV tanning results dramatically. Based upon these findings, California Tan was founded by Don Christal in 1987 with the launch of “MaxGel”. Chemist Debbie Pierce who developed MaxGel officially joined California Tan in 1988 and becomes the driving force behind the technology that keeps California Tan at the forefront of tanning technology.2008.

California Tan developed tanning systems based on the body's response to UV light. Step 1 develops a faster base tan for beginners, Step 2 helps tanners develop a deeper, darker tan while Step 3 allows for a higher optimization of tanning results. Each step requires different specialized ingredients to optimize tanning results since there are several different phases in the tanning process. The California Tan products also protect and moisturize the skin to prevent UV damage. A great tan can also be achieved without “sunbathing” with the development of a California Tan tanning spray and other California Tan sunless products.