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About Fallen

The saga of Fallen skate shoes and Fallen sport shoes is an involved one. Originated in 2004 by professional skater Jamie “The Chief” Thomas joined in a would-be partnership with DC Shoes. Quick Silver acquired DC later that year, snatching the rug from underneath the company's plans. Thomas then decided that Fallen footwear would be housed by his company Black Box Distribution.

Within the industry, Fallen is viewed as the premier footwear brand and skateboard manufacturer in the industry. These shoes they are designed purely for skate boarding, these sport shoes are of the highest quality. Their comfort as well as their styled design have been attracting more than skateboarders, people who love comfortable shoes.

Another advantage to Fallen Footwear is their exceptionally long life. The abrasion-resistant outsoles, foam padding and heavy duty suede and leather, these shoes are going to stand the test of time. Fallen shoes are sturdy and made to be put to the test. Styles like the Fallen Trooper in purple suede or the orange and midnight suede are popular fashion choices. Each shoe is uniquely designed with a special fit and color scheme. The Fallen Ripper or Fallen Forte are both black on black shoes that are made to shred.

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