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About Fitflop

The idea of FitFlop shoes was born out of the need to maintain a healthy body while working. After successfully launching two business, Marcia Kilgore realized that operating those two businesses took so much of her time she had little time for exercising on the treadmill as she had done previously. This was especially important to her since one of her businesses involved personal training.

So after two years of research and design, Marcia Kilgore launched Fitflop in 2007 with the help of biomechanists Dr. David Cook and Darren James of the Human Performance Centre at London's Southbank University. Fitflop stimulates leg muscles with every step, re-energizing aching feet, improving posture and reducing stress on the joints and back.

The secret to how Fitflops work lies in the construction of the shoes and the Microwobbleboard used in every shoe, FitFlop sandal and FitFlop boot produced by Fitflops.This device lies within the midsole of every shoe, which increases muscle activity in the glutes and leg muscles with every step. This improves posture by reducing the stress in the lower body.