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About Framesi

Framesi has been manufacturing Framesi hair care products since 1945 focusing on serving the professional stylists and salons around the world with high-end, quality products. Their products include lines of color, permanent, conditioning, and finishing treatments as well as a wide selection of styling tools such as flat irons, hairdryers, brushes and scissors.

Framesi was founded by Roberto Franchina, who started the business selling talcum powder and brilliantine. He later moved from selling to manufacturing hair care products with a pharmaceutical chemist. In 1970, he started to manufacture coloring products that helped him break into the North American market. From this point, Framesi started to specialize in salon professional educational material and instruments that offer the latest trends in social behavior and fashions to design their hairstyle collections. Every six months, cuts, colors and hairstyles are renewed and sent to salon managers who train their staff and provide more options and services to their clients.

Based in Italy, Framesi offers hairstylists around the world over 100 specialties including coloring preparations, products to improve the result of coloring, permanent waving treatments, styling products, and specific hair care products.

Framesi Biogenol products are sold for home-use. Their shampoos, conditioners and styling products are formulated to enhance hair color by letting color shine through. Biogenol products are glycerine-free so it does not strip color and it protects the hair from thermal heat from hairdryers and curling irons. In addition to treated hair, Framesi has products for all types of hair, each restoring hair and skin to its natural state.

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