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About Fratelli

Italian designers have made an international name for themselves and there is no exception with the designers of Fratelli footwear. The classic old-world craftsmanship, quality materials, and stylish designs make them a top designer footwear brand. Fratelli makes a wide selection of Fratelli men's footwear and Fratelli women's footwearfrom casual to dressy.

Every Fratelli Rossetti shoe is a piece of art produced by master craftsmen and each one requires over one hundred working phases, from design of the model to the creation. High quality has always been the main characteristic of Fratelli shoes.

In 1945, Renzo Rossetti worked alone creating athletic footwear, cutting the hides on his own and stitching them. By 1953, Renzo saw that manufacturing classic shoes was where he wanted to focus his attention, making simple yet elegant men's and women's footwear. Fratelli Rossetti was born with the creation of the women's “ballerina” shoe and men's footwear.

By the 1960s, Fratelli had broken into the American market and was becoming an international phenomenon, becoming very well-known for his elegant craftsmanship. The company was growing rapidly and in the 1980s, his sons, Diego, Dario and Luca joined the team and eventually took the leadership roles as managing directors in 2003.

Fratelli Rossetti footwear continues to value its core philosophy of tradition and innovation while making quality products.