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About General Electric

GE wants to know, “Why predict the future when you can create it?” The brilliant minds at General Electric have pondered this point for years and with good reason. The history of General Electric and the United States are intricately entwined, one wouldn't exist without the other. General Electric offers you arguably the most important aspects of home living, the microwave, air conditioners or even dehumidifiers.

By the turn of the 20th century, GE was “electrifying” the entire United States. From generators to General Electric refrigerators, this home store knew how to diversify even from the beginning. Their first full line of heating and cooking devices premiered in 1907, today, their units are more like space age machines, capable of specific thawing and freezing specifications. Also, quality and long-lasting design put their washer and dryer sets ahead of the pack.

GE was an idea born in Thomas Edison's home laboratory and it has flourished into one of the largest companies in the world, hot on the trail of the explosion of electrical technology. In 1900, General Electric was the first companies to use their own “in house” testing and research facilities; it was a small barn and employed three people. Today, it is a sprawling conglomerate that has innovated the world of lighting. General Electric became more competitive when they turned their attention to more conservative energy theories; they revamped their light bulbs to save energy. With radical inventions to streamline outdoor lighting, vanity lighting and track lighting to name a few, General Electric remains the forerunner.

General Electric was also a pioneer when it comes to e-commerce. Shopping for a well made, top of the line nightlights, General Electric stoves or even toaster ovens are easier when you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

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