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About Girbaud

Girbaud (full name Marithe Francois Girbaud) is an international company, based in France and founded in 1964 by the husband and wife team of Francois and Marithe Girbaud. The company gained popularity in major suburban and urban communities throughout the United States as well as Europe with flagship stores in Paris and Beverly Hills.

Specializing in Girbaud casual clothing, especially Girbaud jeans, Girbaud uses unique fabrics for comfort and styling. There are different styles of jeans throughout the world with specialized jeans made especially for Japan. These jeans have adjustable Velcro straps around the knees and ankles in a variety of colors to match outfits. Girbaud features jeans with double or triple Velcro straps (double straps at the knee and single at the ankle) with its introduction of the para shuttle jeans.

The brand's popularity is demonstrated by the fact that its name is mentioned in major rap artists' songs. The brand furthered its popularity by developing styles catering to certain segments of the population. Its “African Cut” (slang term) refers to the extra leg and crotch room desired by men of African descent to accommodate their physique. The “Brand X” jean adopted the baggy pants style with the signature “beeper” pocket along the right thigh. This baggy pants style was popular throughout the 90s and early 2000s.