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There's a reason why some form of Igloo ice chests can be found in nearly three out of every four U.S. households. The more than 500 different varieties offer a shape and size to suit every need and budget, and there's really no better way to keep food and drinks cold while on the go than with a portable namesake of the Eskimo habitat.

But equally important is what happens to that summertime refreshment once it is out of the cooler. Next to Igloo coolers, the best accessory to have on hand at the beach, the campsite or the picnic family gathering is your favorite model of Igloo beverage coolers. A tall, cool drink can never stay tall, but thanks to what is essentially the equivalent of an itsy-bitsy cooler, you can hang on to that frosty Igloo feeling no matter where the mingling takes you.

And when you're headed straight to the picnic site with an appetite to match, then it may be time to swap out those Igloo coolers & ice chests for the next best thing - Igloo picnic baskets. These may be daintier and more portable, but the same basic principle applies: far from the kitchen and ice box, you can still rest assured that the temperature of your food and drink is perfectly forecast.

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Igloo 2.8-cu ft Refrigerator with Bonus Oster 1.1...
Igloo 2.8-cu ft Refrigerator with Bonus Oster 1.1 cu ft Digital Microwave Oven Value Bundle

Igloo 2.8-cu ft Refrigerator with Bonus Oster 1.1 cu ft Digital Microwave Oven Value Bundle
Refrigerator is roomy enough for your groceries but small and sleek enough to fit almost anywhere. Slide-out shelves provide efficiency that adds to the unique design of this IGLOO compact refrigerator. This mini refrigerator with ice cube chamber...
Igloo 2-Gallon Insulated Water Cooler
$27.36 - $39.99
up to $1.56
4 Stores
Igloo Duo Newport Lunch Tote Blue Stripe
$37.95 - $49.99
up to $2.50
3 Stores
Igloo MSI GLO5X 5 Gal. Water Cooler - Yellow
$65.99 - $78.23
up to $3.13
2 Stores
IGLOO Ice Cube Maxcold 70 Qt Roller
$71.21 - $100.16
up to $4.01
2 Stores

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