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About Jack Daniel's

Based in Lynchburg, Tennessee and established in 1866, Jack Daniel's is a brand of whiskey and one of the best-selling liquors globally. The company history is as sordid as imaginable between some of the tumultuous events of its era, one of which included the prohibition era. Despite the many turn of events the company faced due to historical circumstance, the company survived and thrived, and remained largely a family operation until its acquisition in 1956.

Originally bottled at 90 proof, the company was forced to lower its alcohol content to 80 proof in 2004. Nonetheless, Jack Daniel's has won innumerous awards on taste and content, and has become a household name in liquor worldwide. Famous for its simple logo that reads “Jack Daniel's Old Time,” its “Old #7 Brand” has become iconic within the US. As a result of its iconic status, the company sells a vast assortment of products other than Jack Daniel's whiskey for both decoration and consumption.

Souvenir products such as Jack Daniel's shot glasses, Jack Daniel's glasses, and Jack Daniel's flasks that brandish the famous Jack Daniel's logo are popular sellers. Beyond drinking paraphernalia, there are also a number of items for your grill and kitchen, including sauces, wood chips, flavored coffees and recipe books. Home items include everything from blankets to decorative end tables and bistro tables. In addition, there is an impressive line of apparel that features the Jack Daniel's logo.