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About Johnson-Rose

Johnson-Rose is a Canadian based company that manufactures and sells equipment for foodservices, most notably foodservice small wares. Established in 1948 in Montreal, the company has been largely a family owned and operated entity since the Berman family acquired it in 1950s. In the years since, the company expanded to include a second facility in New York which services the customer base in the United States. While the two companies are both owned and operated under the same name, they operate independently to cater to the differing needs of each market.

Underlying the company's success is their PROS philosophy; the company seeks to provide personable, reliable, and outstanding service every day. Their motto is “Personal, Reliable, Outstanding Service every day, every order!” With this as their philosophy, as well as their mission to lead the industry in innovative design, Johnson-Rose has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of foodservice small wares in Canada, and an industry leader in the US.

The Johnson-Rose company product line is comprehensive. It includes an impressive line of Johnson-Rose baking supplies, cooking supplies, food preparation Johnson-Rose accessories, and table top furnishings for home use. In addition, the company makes catering supplies and retails small wares for small scale commercial use.