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About Kalorik

If you drank burnt coffee this morning or griped about a blender lately, you don't own a Kalorik. Kalorik small appliances is a company established in Belgium in 1930 that has been creating appliances, large and small, with fine engineering as well as unique product development. They are one of Europe's first manufacturers of those small electric appliances like Kalorik coffee makers, Kalorik blenders and Kalorik irons. They were one of the very first companies to create an electric toaster.

A thirst for new invention drove the company to extend their reach to Germany and Switzerland. The brand brought in more creative professionals to further innovation as well as design new products. The Kalorik Food Processor, for instance, has two rotary speeds. It also has seven attachments, including a steel grater, slicer, chopper, as well as the capability to be a dough maker and citrus-juicer. It will mix or puree pretty much anything you can put in that bowl. It also comes in a sleek, jet black color, matching any kitchen you can find.

Kalorik is a second-generation industry, leader. Its passion to create superior products is a guiding force to new trends in product development. They are also renowned because of their meticulous attention to for detail. It is this careful balance, combined with Kalorik's experience and traditional values that has led to the company's worldwide success.

Kalorik Best Sellers

Kalorik CM25693T - coffee maker - white/tangerine
Kalorik CM25693T - coffee maker - white/tangerine

Kalorik CM25693T - coffee maker - white/tangerine
Kalorik CM25693T - Coffee maker - 10 cups - white/tangerine
Kalorik CM25282 - coffee maker - copper/stainless...
Kalorik CM25282 - coffee maker - copper/stainless steel
Sam's Club
Meat Slicer Color: Red
$89.98Sale $87.88 - $141.99
up to $5.00
12 Stores
Kalorik WCL 20629 - wine cooler - freestanding - black/silver
$299.00 - $399.99
up to $15.00
10 Stores
Kalorik Electric Pepper & Salt Grinder Set
$46.00 - $79.99
up to $3.50
9 Stores

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