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About LEGO

It all starts with the pieces-brightly colored, interlocking plastic parts that can be formed and re-formed in endless ways to create a whole world of imagination. LEGO construction toys aren't just a beloved plaything; they're a pop culture icon and a must-have in any child's toy collection.

The LEGO brand began in a small carpenter's workshop in Denmark in the early 1930s. Ole Kirk Christianson was the founder and creator of the now iconic plastic toys, which were originally called “Automatic Binding Bricks.” Christianson chose the name “Lego” from the Danish expression leg godt, which means “play well.” Today, that same expression is the driving force behind a company that has become an international powerhouse and the fifth largest toy company in the world, supplying toys to more than 130 countries around the globe.

From basic construction kits like the LEGO Starter Set to play sets featuring beloved brands like LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO toys are must-have for kids that love to build. For the tiniest construction workers, there are even LEGO Duplo sets featuring larger bricks for little fingers. LEGO's commitment to helping children learn and grow through play is evident in the quality and design of their toys. LEGO believes that with their construction toys, they are inspiring and creating the “builders of tomorrow.” Watching any child manipulate the small pieces to create landscapes, space shuttles, race tracks and pirate ships will make you believe that's exactly what LEGO products do.

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