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About Lafuma

Every outdoor enthusiast-whether you're a weekend warrior or just enjoy the casual nature walk now and again-knows that the right gear can make all the difference. Lafuma brand knows that too, and for more than eighty years, they've been giving their customers the very best in Lafuma outdoor footwear, Lafuma apparel and accessories.

Lafuma began in the Drome region of France, in a town called Anneyron. Three brothers, Victor, Alfred and Gabriel Lafuma, began making canvas bags, including outdoor backpacks. In 1936 the brothers created the first metal-frame backpack, which coincided with the new French national pastime becoming camping after the government bestowed paid holidays on the people of France. The backpacks were so popular they were quickly adopted by the French government, and the Lafuma brand was soon well-recognized throughout Europe.

For the next several decades, the Lafuma continued to expand its repertoire and soon became an industry leader in all things outdoors: mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor sports. By the late 1990s, Lafuma had grown to include a clothing line specifically for adventure sports.

Today, Lafuma is one of the top ten manufacturers in the world for outdoor gear. Camping equipment, Lafuma sleeping bags, hiking shoes and boots, tents-it's all part of the Lafuma brands commitment to providing superior, functional and reliable products for adventure sports and the people that love them.