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About Lumisource

Outfitting your home with contemporary yet interesting décor might seem challenging at first. But once you see the vast offerings from LumiSource, you're sure to find something that suits your tastes and personality. As their name suggests, this company offers numerous LumiSource lighting options for you to choose from. Everything from LumiSource ceiling lights in a vast array of colors to floor lamps, Lumisource table lamps and fashionable LED lights, every nook and cranny of lighting specifications are covered. If you're into a funky look, they also offer novelty lights like The Claw, which features a glowing orb positioned in a metal claw stand, fiber optic displays and the Dolphin, which is a glass dolphin structure that ripples with a blue water-like light.

Though their initial focus was on lighting, LumiSource now offers creative LumiSource furniture pieces to consumers everywhere, ensuring you can now utilize their unique take on accent lighting pieces in every aspect of your home's look.

Lumisource Best Sellers

Bonefish Bar Stool - Navy Blue
$110.00 - $300.00

Bonefish Bar Stool - Navy Blue
$110.00 - $300.00
Make a splash in kitchen and bar design with the Bonefish Bar Stool. This truly unique seat will liven up any room in vibrant and bold colors. A one of a kind shape and sleek metal legs make this stool look anything but run of the mill. Colors:...
LumiSource Torus 1-light Saucer Pendant Ceiling Lamp
$45.00 - $107.99
up to $3.43
8 Stores
Doe Li Touch Lamp - LumiSource - LS-DO-LI-TOUCH-LAMP
$69.00 - $125.00
up to $4.01
9 Stores
Noah Mid-century Modern Floor Lamp With Walnut Wo...
Noah Mid-century Modern Floor Lamp With Walnut Wood Frame and Marble Base
Stork Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp with Walnut W...
Stork Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp with Walnut Wood Accent Table