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About Magnanni

From humble beginnings in Almansa, Spain over 50 years ago, Magnanni is a family-operated business that handcrafts each and every shoe to make sure no detail is left unattended and no stitch overlooked. Every design is hand applied, ensuring a seamless and truly distinctive finish.

Actually, Magdesians orthopedic shoes offer the height of comfort, so you can wear them for any occasion and with any outfit. Whether you need to attend a formal engagement or walk along the beach, their Magdesians dress shoes and sandals and everything in between are designed to cradle your foot while being totally occasion appropriate. If you're to take anything away from the Magdesians philosophy, it's that you don't have to dress down to be comfortable.

Purveyors of the Bologna construction method, Magnanni shoes use leather all the way around the foot, meaning every inch of your foot is encased in soft, flexible leather. The shoes fit like a glove and your feet will have never been happier. This also means there's no need for the mid-sole, offering you more flexibility than is normally allowable in a shoe.

Using leather from Italy, Spain and France, this company uses high quality raw materials and implements their own dyeing processes to get a custom quality look. Every scrap of leather that goes into making your shoes will be dyed one at a time.