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About Natori

The Natori Company has brought the elegant and the sensual to everyday life with its luxurious lingerie, sleepwear, and outerwear lines. Creating inspired designs with rich fabrics, superb lace, signature prints, and superior embroidery, Natori brings a sense of allure, comfort, and style to all their sleepwear, and caters to those who appreciate luxury in all aspects of their everyday garments. From bras and lingerie, to robes, and pajamas, Natori understands how and what makes women feel good, and with that understanding, they continue to embrace luxury and comfort throughout their collections of sensual tanks, camis, chemises, panties, and dresses

What separates a Natori woman from the rest is her ability to embrace her spirit, grace, individuality, and her sensuality while retaining a sense of style and adventure. There is nothing better than being able to express yourself with bold color and design, without losing versatility in your wardrobe. You'll love Natori's fantastic fits and wide assortments that provide you with whatever style, color, or design your heart desires.

Being firm believers in having the edge, Natori is constantly moving forward and remains a trendsetter. Adding strong colors and designs to their catalogue, Natori continues to produce unmatched collections with a concentration on fashion and femininity. With Natori, you'll easily continue to expand all your wardrobe possibilities.

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